Stone Skating is offering three Summer Power Skating Clinics at Paul Louis Arena to get you ready for the season! 

Increase speed, develop confidence, strength, power, and agility while improving your endurance.  Proper body positioning and technique are focused on to make you a more efficient and fluid skater.  

We have classes for College, HS, Elite, Advanced and Intermediate. Space is limited and all clinics are held on full ice.

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Holiday Power Skating Clinic: Adv/Int & College/HS/Pro/Elite

   December 27th, 28th and 29th 
   Adv/Int: 2 Spots left!
   College/HS/Elite: 7 spots left!
   Paul Louis Arena


MLK Day Power Skating Clinic for College/HS/Pro/Travel

1.5 hours of on ice training
   Monday, January 16th
    Warm-up, Edge Combos/Balance, Quick Starts(forward & backwards), Change of Direction, Laterals,  Full ice drills and more.
    Full Schedule on the website calendar.
    Open to the first 15 players.
    Paul Louis Arena
    Registration Open!!


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Advanced/Intermediate Class:
45 - minutes of high intensity drills that will teach you quicker starts, stops, speed, transitions, and power. We will focus on confidence, sharpening your stride, body positioning,and quickening your movements. You will become a more confident and fluid player. Proper skating technique will be stressed to achieve the above goals. 
This class is very progressive and challenging.
Open to ages** 7 and up.
Skaters must be able to stride forward,skate backward,crossover and stop. 

Elite/Advanced Class:
The Elite class has no limits. All skating techniques will be worked on in class and expectations are high! This class is a very technical and power packed class that will take your skating to the next level. You will reach new heights in your skating, confidence and agility.

Open to ages** 14 and up.
Sessions held on full ice. Full hockey gear and stick required. 

**Please call Erika with any questions regarding your child’s skill level as that may supersede age guidelines.  

Rates are listed on the Registration page.