Sunday Novice League

OT & Sub Rules:

If game ends in a tie, a 5 minute, Sudden Death, 4 on 4, Over Time period will be played.  There will be a 30 second intermission between end of regulation and OT period.  If still tied after OT period, a 3 player/3 round shoot out will be played immediately following.  If still tied after 3 rounds, a sudden death shoot out will take place with each team alternating shots until a winner is decided.  Every player on bench must shoot before rotation starts over.  Home team chooses to shoot first or second.

Sub Policy:

Subs must play a minimum of 3 games to be eligible for playoffs.  Usage of an "illegal" or "ineligible" sub may result in forfeiture or disqualification of the particular game that sub played in.

Fighting Penalty Rules:
1st Offense: 1 Game
2nd Offense: 3 Games
3rd Offense: League Explusion
Minor Penalty Rule:
For each game:
3 minor penalties will result in automatic dismissal from game.
If you have questions:
585-325-2216 or email