About Flower City Selects

Flower City Selects showcase team is a newly formed program to help aid in player development and exposure to higher levels of hockey throughout the spring and summer. It is our goal to give players, no matter what level they are competing at, the tools necessary to continue to grow and develop as a player and individual throughout the summer in preparation for upcoming winter teams. We are also here to facilitate aiding in the process of players gaining exposure to junior A tier 1, 2, and 3 programsand NCAA Division 1 and 3 college programs in the summer months. With the youth level teams we want to help build camaraderie amongst the players in their age group from the Rochester area while having fun competing together.


With Flower City Selects you will be provided with elite level coaching throughout the spring and summer as we help with your development of your individual skills in a fun and challenging environment. With the Jr. level teams you will also receive a coaching “hot stove” with head coach Shane Madoloraabout Jr hockey levels and paths, College recruitment process and NCAA guidelines, and more. At the showcases there will be a detailed booklet provided to scouts with player information to help them get to know you more as a person and player as they identify players that they would like to begin recruiting for their programs. 


The Flower City Selects program and staff are extremely excited to launch the new spring and summer showcase teams this year. We look to build off of the foundation that is laid this spring and summer for future elite players and teams. 


If you are interested and would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact our staff at info@paulluisarena.com or Head Coach and Director of Player Personnel Shane Madolora at Shane.monarchs@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing you in the rink and working on developing your game for the next level!